"Boy ... Vishnu said you are good.  Didn't know you are that good!   Good job, Steve."
- Alan L.

"Thumbs up for Discount Property Taxes! I didn't know where to start to protest a big increase in our taxes, so I contacted Discount Property Taxes. I e-mailed them the form, and they took care of everything else. It was that simple! This is a no-risk deal for property owners. You don't pay anything unless Discount Property Taxes are successful in reducing your taxes. In our case, they reduced our taxes by more than 18%. I'm sure I couldn't have done that on my own. This is a win-win in my mind!"

                                                                                   - Marge P.

"Stephen Maida helped reduce our property taxes on two properties we own. I did not think either one could be reduced at the time, and I definitely did not want to spend my time doing it. His extensive knowledge of the system really helped us out and he saved us money. We will definitely be using the service again this year."

                                                                                       - Jyoti M.
                                                                                       (office building owner)

"We used Discount Property Taxes to reduce our taxes on our apartments in Austin. Stephen Maida's research paid off, reducing our valuation by 20% - saving us on taxes and the effort + time of dealing with the tax office directly. We were well pleased."

                                                                                       -  Rodrigo C.
                                                                                       (apartment complex owner)

Id rather pay a private company less money, than pay the government more.  I accomplished that by using Discount Property Taxes and the savings was significant 

                                                                                           -  Elmore K.

I thought we might get some money reduced from our valuation, but did not realize it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We were pleasantly surprised, to say the least 

                                                                                       -  Isaac F.
                                                                                       (apartment complex owner)