• Property tax protesting in Travis and Williamson Counties
  • Residential property tax protests
  • Commercial property tax protests

You pay us nothing unless we produce positive results and are successful in getting the amount of taxes you pay lowered. Upon success, you pay us 1/3 of the amount of money that we save you by getting your tax valuation lowered.

For example:
If your property is valued at $1,000,000 and we get the valuation lowered to $800,000, then that is $200,000 that you no longer have to pay taxes on. If the tax percentage is 2.18% of the property valuation, then 2.18% of $200,000 is saved which equals $4,360. You then pay us 1/3 of the amount saved or in this case, $1,453 for our services. You would end up paying the county $17,440 and us $1,453 for a total of $18,893 instead of paying the county $21,800, for a total savings of 14%.