Property Tax Protesting at NO CHARGE, unless successful! With the exception of properties with homestead exemptions with a difference between total appraised value and net assessed value of $30,000 or greater, on these we charge $150 fee. In the event 38% of your savings exceeds $150, then it will be credited towards your invoice

We are only accepting applications through May 11th this year!

Don't agree to pay the county appraised property tax amount without a fight!

Let Discount Property Taxes use our depth of knowledge in the Austin real estate market to potentially help you save on the amount of property taxes that you pay by protesting your residential and/or commercial property valuation(s) with Travis and Williamson Counties.

The real estate boom has left thousands of properties over valued.  You may be surprised at the potential savings to you
by allowing Discount Property Taxes to protest your property valuation(s).  Click on Register Property(s) now and register to have us protest your property taxes.

We only charge 38% of the tax savings. Most of our competitors charge 40-50%.

Protest your property taxes