Discount Property Taxes, LLC Service Agreement

You agree to engage Discount Property Taxes, LLC to represent you in protesting your property taxes and you agree to pay Discount Property Taxes, LLC a contingency fee of 1/3 of your tax savings accomplished by Discount Property Taxes, LLC through formal or informal hearing(s) with the county for the protested tax year.  Total tax savings for a protested tax year are defined by:  subtracting the propertys final assessed value for the subject year from the initial assessed value, then multiplying the difference by the years total tax rate.  The resulting number is the tax savings used to calculate the fee.  For example, if the initial assessed value is $1,000,000 and the final assessed value is $800,000, and the years tax rate is 2.18%, then the tax savings is $4,360.  The fees due to Discount Property Taxes, LLC would be 1/3 of the $4,360 or $1,453 in this example.

For example, Initial value before protest: $1,000,000
Final assessed value after hearing:    $800,000
Reduction in assessed value:   $200,000
Sample      Example tax rate:   2.18%    
Calculation Your tax savings: $4,360
Only  Tax consulting fee: $1,453 ($4,360 x 1/3) 

Discount Property Taxes, LLC does not file judicial appeals except in rare circumstances and will be decided by Discount Property Taxes, LLC on a case by case basis.  Discount Property Taxes, LLC agrees to incur all expenses associated with the protesting of your taxes.

You do hereby acknowledge that Discount Property Taxes, LLC has given no assurances regarding the outcome of any protest.  This document represents the entire agreement between you and Discount Property Taxes, LLC.  In reaching this agreement, neither party has relied on any representation or agreement that is not expressly stated in this agreement.  This document can only be amended by a written document signed by both parties.  Payment in full for services is due within thirty days (30) of the invoice date.   After 30-days, interest will begin to accrue at the lesser of 18% or the maximum lawful interest rate allowed by applicable Texas law, compounded annually.

If you are an entity, then the individual signing for you represents that he or she is duly authorized and empowered to enter into this agreement.  This agreement supersedes all prior agreements between you and Discount Property Taxes, LLC, and will remain in effect until canceled by either party by giving 30-days written notice.  Client is responsible for signing and returning the Appointment of Agent form timely.  

By signing below, you agree to the terms in this agreement to hire Discount Property Taxes, LLC to protest your property tax valuation and to notify any prior/current property tax firms of the change.  If you used another company last year, then please give them notice that you are using someone else this year.

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                                                                                                                                Discount Property Taxes, LLC

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Company: _______________________                                                         Stephen M. Maida

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Upon signing, please return this form to us along with the Appointment of Agent Form either via fax to (512)-374-0082 or via email to  

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